Love Is…

st_valentine_55What is Love, really?

The single most important aspect of our lives is ironically the one thing that cannot be fully explained. Some will say that love is a desire not to be alone. Others say it’s instinct from eons ago. Some even dismiss it as nothing more than the means with which to get what they want.


Whichever interpretation you believe in, Love is something that affects us all, and is something that is never forgotten, because is effects on our psyche is far more profound than we’d like to believe. You see, I believe that while love itself cannot be explained, it is analogous to the water in a pool. And like water, it can be simultaneously refreshing and deadly.

Everyone has experienced a hot summer day, where nothing seems able to cool you off except a dip in the pool. Whether it’s in the privacy of your home, or at a public place, swimming is not really all that much fun when you’re alone, so we usually make it a social thing.

But we can’t stay in the water for too long, can we? Eventually, the water has done what was intended, it has cooled you off. If you stay in too long, it can make you skin all wrinkly, or it can hurt your eyes and give you a stuffy nose. So we normally only stay in for a few minutes at a time, but when we get out, some of the water comes with us. It’s not like we can jump in a pool, and expect to come out dry? And even if you have a towel with you, you can’t fully dry off for at least several minutes, because your bathing suit and hair will remain damp until the sun has a chance to dry you off completely.

Swimming can be dangerous too. If you simply dive in without checking the depth of the water, or fall in, you can get seriously hurt. The important thing to remember is that no matter how good a swimmer you are, things can go wrong, and the consequences can sometimes be fatal.

Quite often, a fair number of us don’t learn how to swim, and unconsciously develop a fear of water, and when we attend the plenty social gatherings, we usually just stick around the edges of the pool, only getting our feet wet, afraid of getting in. We sit around watching all the other people having their fun, wishing that we could join them. But every once in a while, we’ll get in, splash ourselves for a minute or two, and then get out.

Love is admittedly a far more elaborate affair than swimming, but the analogy remains. It’s a social thing that only really works when shared with others. And when we jump into the pools of love, it’s a wonderful thing that invigorates us and makes us forget the heat for a while. But we must all eventually get out, because if we’re in too long, it begins to hurt us. But when we do get out, some of the love comes with. We must wait to dry off and once again be bothered by the heat before we get in again. If we don’t, then the cool waters just don’t work as well as they should.

It also doesn’t help matters much that we sit on the sidelines, watching others reap the benefits of being in love. At some point, everyone feels the need to get in, and be cooled by the waters of love. But if we blindly dive in without checking first, that’s when we get hurt.

When we’re in love, we need to make sure that there is someone with us, to help us when we need it. If you swim alone, and something goes wrong, you’ve had it. If there’s someone there with you, they can help you get out and dry off until you’re ready to get back in again.

Love is like the water in a pool. We all want to get in to escape the heat, but not all of us has learned how to swim. So we need someone there to protect us. Love cannot work alone.

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