What is the problem with Steam?

Ok, to start off, a good friend of mine is a Dungeon Siege fan, and he went off an purchased a original copy of Dungeon Siege III on DVD. Now as most of you are aware, Dungeon Siege III is available also from Steam, and you must have a Steam account to play.

Now my friend is not fortunate enough to have an ADSL connection right now, and must rely on a 3G connection over his cell phone, and he asked me if he could connect to my ADSL for the installation and registration of DS3.

I accepted, because he is a good friend, and friends help each other out.

So we arrange to do this on the weekend when my own connection speeds are at their fastest. (Let’s not discus Telkom right now, that a matter for another day).

So we proceeded to install Dungeon Siege III on his computer, and had to go through the laborious process of registering on Steam. Which was like having your teeth pulled without anaesthesia, let me tell you, because the registration program crashed a few times and had to be restarted.

But that is not the end of the tale. Once registration was completed, and despite having the game installed directly from DVD, steam insisted on first activating the game, which I think is normal. But then it decided, before my friend could play, it first had to download the install files, totalling 4,389.7MB.

I mean, WHAT THE FUCK??? He just spent R499.99 to get the bloody thing on DVD so that he doesn’t have to download it first.

And just to prove all this crap, have a look at the screenshots below. The first one shows the steam download, which would take 4 hours 30 minutes to complete, and the second shows the Windows Explorer contents of the DVD, proving that the install files are already available.


Steam, I hope to fuck you are reading this, because what’s the point of providing a game on DVD, if the user must still download the fucking thing first to get to play.

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